Macchinari criogenici - Costruzioni, revisioni, modifiche e ricertificazioni CE

Mec Construction

It is born as a division inside the new company department to project and construct cabinets and tunnel for the food deep-freezing and sub-zero treatments. We produce and install lines for the industrial adduction for liquid CO2 and liquid nitrogen.

We are specialist in:



Plant maintenance

Cabinet and tunnel re-conditioning

Sub-zero thermic treatments

The company

It has its own registered patents and it is qualified for the certification and re-certification according to CEE for industrial machines. Moreover, we produce and sell dry ice for different industries.

We are settled in the industrial area of Caltignaga (Novara – Italy), 5 km to the highway Turin-Milan (exit Novara) and we have a covered surface of 1.200 sq.m on a 5.000 sq.m land.